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Board Meeting

May 23 at 7:30 pm at Cedar Rock Sportsplex

Fundraising Options


Rams Hockey Sponsorship/Ad Policy

Rams Hockey reserves the right to partner with local businesses that want to be a house, business or corporate sponsor.  Any partnership directly with the association (RHA) will supersede any sold by an individual member of RHA.

All sponsorships must be sold using the form RHA provides for this purpose.  Any use of a form other than that which RHA provides will not be permitted.

Please email for more information.  


Scrip Fundraising Program

Buy gift cards to pay for your everyday expenses and earn money towards your hockey bill!  

SCRIP fundraising is available during the season and during the off season.  If you will be part of the Rockford Hockey Association program as a member of a travel or house team, you are eligible to participate in the RHA SCRIP program.

Click here for more information!