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RAMS Hockey Scholarship Program


RAMS Hockey firmly believes that every child who wishes to participate in hockey should have the opportunity to do so.  Therefore, we strive to provide scholarship assistance to players with financial need who would otherwise not benefit from the youth hockey experience.  These scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis based, on financial need and available funds.  Funding for the scholarship program is accumulated via special donations and fundraising activities conducted throughout the preceding season.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Completed Scholarship Application and accompanying documents submitted by October 15th of the current season.
  • Applicants must be in “good standing” with RAMS Hockey, MAHA and USA Hockey


How to Apply:

All scholarship requests are examined and assessed on their own merit by the RAMS Hockey Scholarship Committee. Scholarships are reviewed based on need and funds are determined based upon balances available in the scholarship fund. The Scholarship Comittee appointed by the board may have follow up questions for applicants during its decision making process.  All applicants will be notified of the board’s final determination within the timelines as published in the Application Period. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Scholarships will be paid in the form of reductions to annual player fees (after all appropriate deposits are paid).  Scholarships are meant to defray some or all of team dues.  Equipment, tournament and apparel costs are separate and are the responsibility of the player’s family.
  • Parent or legal guardian agrees to support the mission of RAMS Hockey contributing where they can in the activities of the association including practice & game support, volunteering and fundraising.  It is the expectation that those benefitting from the scholarship program play an active role in fundraising to support RHA and the mission of the scholarship fund.
  • The player and parent(s)/guardian must meet all registration requirements (all required documents must be turned in with application to qualify for scholarship) and remain in “good standing” with RAMS Hockey, MAHA and USA Hockey
  • If a partial scholarship is issued all other applicable registration fees must be paid by December 1 of the current season.  Exceptions can be made by the treasurer if a payment plan is put in place and documented in writing. If remaining registration fees (after scholarship) are not paid as previously agreed, the scholarship award will be considered null and void and all amounts originally owed to RHA will become immediately due.
  • In the event that the player leaves the association during the season in which a scholarship has been awarded, 100% of the scholarship award must be refunded to the association
  • Scholarship dollars will be distributed evenly throughout the payment schedule.
  • Scholarships are granted on a per season basis. Applicants must reapply each season.     
  • Applicant’s names and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Only the scholarship committee will review the submitted financial materials.
  • All communications with the RAMS Hockey Board and Scholarship Committee regarding the application process, assessment and scholarship award amounts (if any) will be held in confidence.
  • All decisions of the scholarship committee are final; there is no appeal process.
  • Other financial materials and circumstances may be considered at the board’s discretion.


All questions and comments about the scholarship program can be directed to